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What is Accounts Receivable Factoring

Improve Your Cash Flow

With accounts receivable factoring you get funded the same day you invoice your customers. No longer do you need to wait 30 days or more to get paid when you offer payment terms to your customers, and accounts receivable factoring is not a loan so you don't take on any new debt.

Outsource Your Accounts Receivable

At DSA Factors we handle all of your credit checking so you no longer need to subscribe to expensive credit agencies. DSA Factors also does all of your collection work for you, so you no longer need to call your customers when an invoice becomes due.

Insure Your Receivables

DSA Factors offers non-recourse factoring meaning that when you factor your receivables with us, they are insured against non-payment for financial reasons. We protect you in situations where your customers go bankrupt or out of business.

Purchase Order Financing

While getting funded the same day you invoice will greatly improve your cash flow, sometimes it isn't enough when you receive a large purchase order and need to order another container of merchandise. With purchase order financing you can get a short term loan to help you fulfill a large purchase order.

DSA Factors Company Profile

DSA Finance Corporation (aka DSA Factors) was incorporated in Illinois in 1964. DSA started in the consumer finance business and has been factoring commercial accounts since 1986.

DSA is a family owned and operated business now spanning three generations. The factoring industry has gone through numerous mergers and acquisitions leaving a lot of the smaller factoring companies to be gobbled up by the larger conglomerates. DSA's goal is to remain an independent factoring company that can handle any size business, small, medium, or large.

DSA takes pride in its financial strength and excellent Dun & Bradstreet credit rating. We have helped many companies grow, whether they were start-ups or well established, therefore we have also grown substantially and have added office space and employees to accommodate.

DSA gives you the personalized service that the larger factors can't possibly give. Our customers deal directly with the principals of the company. Your requests will never have to be approved by committees, you will get your answers in most cases immediately. We have the ability to be creative with various options in order to give our clients the highest approval percentages. This will enable your company to achieve maximum sales and increase profits.

DSA is based out of Chicago, Illinois and works with companies all over the United States and Canada, as well as internationally.

Regardless of how long your company has been around, or what industry you are in, at DSA Factors we have money to make your company grow!

Why Factor With DSA?

Now you can grow your business confident that cash flow is always maximized...customer credit risk is always minimized...and you never have to make a collection call again.

DSA is a Nationwide Factoring company dedicated to the growth and success of its clients by a specialized system that provides immediate accounts receivable funding, liberal credit risk assessment, generous credit lines and superior collections management.

Many large factors have dozens of clients which sell to the same customer. This prevents future clients to get approvals needed because their credit line is full. We understand customers buy from many different suppliers. Therefore we give each retailer the same credit limit for each one of our clients, which allows us to have an approval rate of over 95%. We are a "sales oriented" factor that thrives on "approvals", not turndowns.

DSA's mission is to increase client cash flow by leveraging our 25 plus years of factoring experience to increase clients' sales with little or no risk, reduce aged receivables, provide faster re-orders, immediate cash and fewer bad debt and collection accounts.

We have worked with hundreds of upstarts to midlevel companies, selling merchandise and or providing services to both Mom and Pop's and Fortune 500 companies, DSA understands the current operating environment and challenges facing our clients, and offers the most creative solutions to provide for our clients' individual financial growth.

As a DSA client, you will stay in the driver's seat, receiving cash while retaining control over your accounts. Our factoring fee is a flat rate, and there are no additional interest charges. Having no long term contracts, no minimum invoice amounts, no monthly or yearly dues, DSA's success is directly tied to meeting and exceeding our client's financial opportunities.

Let us answer your questions regarding the essential benefits of our accounts receivable funding and cash flow financing program, including all costs and ease of start-up. At DSA you can always speak with a principal, we will never hand you over to an account manager. You can try us out with no long term obligations, so call today.



The DSA Factors Advantage

When it comes to financing your business there are many options available to you, including other factoring companies as well as small business loans from a bank. Below is a comparison of DSA Factors to other accounts receivable factoring companies and banks.

AR Factoring with DSA Factors

Other AR Factoring Companies

SBA Loan From Bank

Continuing Credit Checks

Handle Collection Work

Insure Receivables

Quick Response Time

Family Owned & Operated

Charge You Interest

Minimum Volume

Credit Limit

Based on Your Credit

Hidden Fees

Scroll over or touch all 's, 's, and 's for more details.

Our Founder

Richard Peck

Richard Peck


Richard co-founded DSA Finance Corporation, along with his mother in 1964. At that time, he also owned a furniture retail store and DSA financed their accounts receivable. The furniture store was closed in 1995, in order to devote full attention to the factoring company. In 1980 Richard's son-in-law, Howard became a partner in the business, 25 years later, Howard's son, Richard's grandson, Max joined the company, and 10 years after that, Howard's oldest son, and Richard's oldest grandson, Ben joined the company. Today, DSA is still a family owned and run business.

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