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As a major manufacturing hub, and home to the High Point Market, North Carolina is the center of the nation's furniture industry. DSA Factors is proud that we have been factoring for North Carolina based companies for over 30 years.

Whether you are a manufacturer based in North Carolina or have permanent showrooms at High Point, DSA Factors has the experience and knowledge you need to help you grow your business.

We have clients located throughout North Carolina, including Charlotte, High Point, Asheville, Hickory, Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro, Rocky Mount, and elsewhere.

By factoring your accounts receivable with DSA Factors, you can feel confident that you will be funded for your receivables within 24 hours, and will be able to stay on top in the very competitive North Carolina market.

A North Carolina Success Story

10 years ago a decorative accessories company based out of Charlotte, North Carolina came to us. They had been working with a different factoring company at the time and were unhappy with the service they were getting so they decided to give DSA Factors a try.

At the time they were a very small company, and their first year with DSA Factors, they only had $75,000 in sales. However, they were very happy with the service that they received from DSA, and the improved cash flow gave them the confidence that they needed to attend the High Point Market and grow their business.

With this confidence, and a larger marketing budget, they managed to grow their sales to $250,000 the following year. Obviously the investment they made in attending High Point had paid off, and DSA was providing them with the cash flow that they needed to continue to grow their business.

The following year they decided to attend a few more trade shows, so they not only attended the High Point Market again, but also traveled outside of North Carolina to attend some regional gift shows as well. Once again, the investment paid off and they had over $400,000 in sales that third year they were partnered with DSA.

They continued following this pattern of success that had allowed them to grow by over 500% in just a period of two years. Over the next few years sales continued growing and today they do roughly about $650,000 a year in sales.

In addition to the increased sales volume, they have also found that their merchandise has seasonal demands. Today they do nearly half of their volume in the fall in the period leading up to Christmas. Thanks to the cash flow provided by DSA Factors, they never have to worry about being able to keep up with the heavy seasonal demands that they experience each year.

What Tar Heels Are Saying About Us

Factoring for the Bedding Industry - Mattresses

“It is very difficult to wear "all the hats" in your company. From selling to receivables to payables...etc there is no worse feeling than a lengthy receivables list and a growing payables list. DSA Factors has eliminated this barrier.”

Scott S., North Carolina, Bedding Industry

Want to become our next North Carolina success story?

Whether you are only doing $75,000 in sales each year, or you are doing $2,000,000 or more in sales each year, with DSA Factors you can feel confident that you will always have the cash flow that you need in order to grow your business.

DSA Factors has been specializing in the furniture industry for 30 years now, and have been involved in the furniture industry for over 60 years. With so much of the industry located in North Carolina, and focused on the High Point Market, it is no wonder that DSA Factors has been helping North Carolina based businesses ever since we started factoring accounts receivable over 30 years ago.

Whatever it is that you sell, upholstery, case goods, bedding, rugs, wall decor, lighting, decorative accessories, or anything else, DSA Factors has the knowledge and experience that you need to grow your business. We also work with the freight and trucking industry, so if you are transporting merchandise from North Carolina warehouses to anywhere else in the country, DSA Factors can provide you with the money you need to keep your trucks on the road.

If you are in North Carolina, whether it be High Point, Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro, Asheville, Rocky Mount, Hickory, or anywhere else, give DSA Factors a call today and we can be funding you in as little as 24 hours!

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