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It can be difficult to deal with companies in the United States and Canada when you are based out of Mexico. However, one of the easiest ways to grow your business is to expand into the United States and Canada, you just need to have the knowledge and resources available to do so.

DSA Factors is proud that we have been factoring for Mexican companies for over 30 years. We’ve worked with companies from all around Mexico, including Monterrey, Hermosillo, San Luis Potosi, Mexico City, and Guadalajara. Wherever you are in Mexico, DSA Factors has the experience and knowledge you need to help you grow your business throughout North America.

With a database of approximately 100,000 retailers located throughout the US and Canada, including tens of thousands throughout the American Southwest including Texas, Arizona, and California, DSA Factors is very familiar with the North American marketplace. Whether you are selling to mom and pops, or to major retailers such as Walmart or H-E-B, let DSA Factors be your partners in America.

By factoring your accounts receivable with DSA Factors, you can feel confident that you will be funded for your receivables within 24 hours, and will be able to easily expand your business deeper into the American and Canadian markets.

A Mexican Success Story

A little over ten years ago a Mexican furniture manufacturer came to DSA seeking help. At the time they had never sold to anyone outside of Mexico, but they had just received a large purchase order from Costco and didn't want to pass it up. They knew that they would need a partner in the US, and having been recommended DSA Factors by a neighbor at a trade show, they knew that we would be able to help them out.

DSA Factors was of course able to help, not just with Costco, but with all of their American and Canadian customers. With DSA Factors as their partner in America, they were able to start growing their business throughout all of North America.

While Costco allowed for them to enter the US market with a big splash, they slowly but surely started picking up new accounts all around the US. Over the next few years their annual volume in the US climbed to $500,000.

However, then something bad happened, Costco decided they were no longer going to carry their line of furniture. Luckily, they had been building up a reputation in the US, and with the help of DSA were able to get their furniture into a wide range of stores throughout the country. While their volume for that year slipped, they still managed to have sales of nearly $400,000 in the US.

From there things only got better. They continued picking up more and more accounts in the US, and their existing accounts started placing larger orders as well. Today they do a little more than $650,000 in sales throughout the US each year.

As they continue to expand and grow throughout the US, DSA Factors is proud to be a part of their success. We understand the difficulties that companies in Mexico face when dealing with businesses in the US, and we are glad to help in any way that we can.

You can be our next Mexican success story

If you are in Mexico, don't let that stop from selling to the US and Canada. By partnering with DSA Factors you will have a partner in America who is familiar with both the American and Canadian markets, and has the funds you need in order to grow your business.

DSA Factors has worked with a handful of companies based in Mexico over the years in helping them sell to the United States and Canada. When partnering with DSA, you not only get the knowledge and experience that comes with 30 plus years of factoring accounts receivable, but you also allow your customers to communicate with a company in America.

Whatever your industry, whether it be furniture, bedding, giftware, housewares, textiles, clothing, or anything else, DSA can help you expand throughout all of North America.

If you have been hesitating to enter the US or Canadian marketplaces out of fear of not being familiar with your customers, or not having the funds necessary to fulfill large orders, look no further than DSA Factors. One simple call is all it takes to start growing your business. Give us a call today and we can be funding you tomorrow, it's really that easy.

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