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Accounts Receivable Factoring Success Stories

DSA Factors has been providing accounts receivable factoring for over 30 years. During that time we have helped all types of businesses from startups to established companies, manufacturers, importers, and service providers from all across the USA as well as Canada, Mexico, England, and Australia.

While we can't take all of the credit for our clients growth and success, most of the credit needs to go to them for their hard work in designing quality products, providing excellent service, and having a strong sales team. We are glad that we are able to help them with at least the financial side of their business, and we look forward to helping many more companies in the years to come.

Over the years we have worked with hundreds of clients, and with each client came unique opportunities for us to help them grow their business. Some have been more successful than others, but regardless of how quickly they grew we were always happy to provide them with the cash flow they needed to run and grow their business.

Below are some of our clients' stories and testimonials, they come from a wide range of industries and from all across the country. If you would like to become our next success story all you need to do is give us a call at 773-248-9000 and we can be funding you in as little as 24 hours.

An Office Furniture Manufacturer in Tennessee

About 20 years ago there were two sales reps who worked for one of our clients selling furniture throughout Tennessee and neighboring states. However, after working for many years as sales reps, they decided that they wanted to start their own company and sell their own merchandise. Naturally given their connections in the furniture industry they decided to manufacture office chairs.

Of course they had saved up some money over the years, but there are a lot of expenses involved in starting up a new business and these two young sales reps knew that they would need some help. Since they were familiar with DSA Factors and knew what we did for their previous employer, they gave us a call and we started factoring for their new company.

So these two young sales reps started doing what they did best, they started making sales. They were selling their chairs to little mom and pop office stores. The orders may not have been very big, maybe $500 or $1000, but they started selling to more and more stores and the dollars started adding up slowly but surely.

Then something amazing happened, after several years of selling to only mom and pop stores, they got an order from Office Depot. This wasn't just their largest order ever, it pretty much doubled their monthly sales. But with DSA factoring their accounts receivable they had nothing to worry about and had no problem fulfilling the order.

They continued to sell to the mom and pop shops and Office Depot for a few more years, but then something incredible happened, they got an order from Sam's Club. Now the Sam's Club order was pretty much similar to their Office Depot orders at the time, but of course its always nice to have another large account and increase your volume.

Over the next few years they didn't just increase their volume, their volume exploded. Sam's Club started placing orders each month for $100,000. Then they were at $200,000 a month, then $300,000, and before you knew it they were fulfilling order of $1,000,000 each month. While many companies wouldn't be able to handle this kind of growth, luckily DSA Factors was there to ensure that these two young entrepreneurs always had the cash flow they needed to handle whatever orders Sam's Club or anybody else would throw at them.

Factoring for the Furniture Industry - Case Goods

Cash-flow is the lifeline of any business. When the majority of capital is tied up in receivables and inventory it becomes increasingly difficult to make ends meet. DSA has become our company's lifeline in our time of growth. We have used other factors, but DSA truly understands our business and works as a partner with us.”

A Housewares Manufacturer in New York City

About five years ago an employee of one our clients decided that he wanted to start his own business. Knowing how much DSA Factors had helped out his previous employer, he knew that if he wanted to succeed in New York City, that he was going to need DSA's help.

He was starting a baking supply company, and was going to be selling to mom and pop gift shops and local grocers, his typical order was little more than $100. In his first year he had less than $200,000 in sales. In his second year sales increased only slightly to a little more than $250,000.

During these first two years he found out that his products, although they sold throughout the year, tended to sell better during the holidays and so he started to make them with holiday themed decorations. His third year in business started off in much the same fashion as his first two had, but what happened next was a huge surprise.

As the holiday season rolled around, he started getting orders from some new accounts, but not just any new accounts, these were Homegoods, Dollar General, Edward Don, Walmart and Target. In September of that third year, they did nearly as much business as they had done in their first two years combined. But it didn't end there, by the end of that year they had done over $1,500,000 in sales.

However, the story doesn't end there, to this day they still continue to grow. Last year, their fifth year in business, they had over $3,500,000 in sales. They are still selling to all of those companies that gave them their first big break, as well as to casinos in Las Vegas and elsewhere, and quite a few large grocery store chains. DSA Factors is very proud that we've been able to help this New York based business reach such heights, and we are very excited about what the future has in store for them.

“We have been partnered with DSA Factors for 12 years now, and we are grateful for their services that have helped us grow our company. Having your accounts receivables paid for instantly by DSA has certainly helped in us meeting our obligations and has given us the opportunity to expand our business over the years. We are happy with the way DSA handles our customers and we plan to stay partnered with DSA for years to come.”

Factoring for the Housewares Industry

A Furniture Manufacturer in Chicago, Illinois

Over twenty years ago we happened to meet a fairly new furniture company on Chicago's South Side. At the time they were selling to a few interior decorators, but there business was starting to grow and they were in need of improved cash flow so they started working with DSA Factors.

Thanks to DSA's accounts receivable factoring program, they had no problem as they started to receive larger orders and new accounts. They also started to expand beyond the realm of interior designers and started selling to furniture stores as well, but with DSA's help they never had to worry about how they were going to be able to fulfill their next order.

As the years went by and they continued to grow they eventually had to move into larger warehouses. They also started getting large orders from hotels such as Marriott and Hyatt.

Sometimes, even with DSA giving them an advance on their receivables, they found that they didn't always have enough funds to fulfill a large order so DSA would help them out by providing them with purchase order financing as well.

They started attending more and more trade shows, not just in Chicago, but all across the country and overseas, and the orders kept coming in and they started becoming more and more well known. In fact, you've probably even seen many of their products in decorative displays along Michigan Avenue.

DSA Factors continues to help them grow even today. Ten years ago they were doing a little less than $1,000,000 a year. Today they do well over $2,000,000 every year and their sales volume continues to grow. DSA Factors is proud that we have been able to help them out for over twenty years right here in our home town of Chicago.

Factoring for the Bedding Industry - Mattresses

“Having my money tied up in receivables for 30 or more days was hindering my ability to expand my business. DSA Factors has provided me with the cash flow I need to take on new accounts and larger orders. The wonderful service they provide and the way that they professionally handle my accounts has made working with DSA a pleasure. Thanks to DSA, I have been able to concentrate on the development and growth of the business. It's a great feeling.”

A Decorative Accessories Manufacturer in Charlotte, North Carolina

10 years ago a decorative accessories company based out of Charlotte, North Carolina came to us. They had been working with a different factoring company at the time and were unhappy with the service they were getting so they decided to give DSA Factors a try.

At the time they were a very small company, and their first year with DSA Factors, they only had $75,000 in sales. However, they were very happy with the service that they received from DSA, and the improved cash flow gave them the confidence that they needed to attend the High Point Market and grow their business.

With this confidence, and a larger marketing budget, they managed to grow their sales to $250,000 the following year. Obviously the investment they made in attending High Point had paid off, and DSA was providing them with the cash flow that they needed to continue to grow their business.

The following year they decided to attend a few more trade shows, so they not only attended the High Point Market again, but also traveled outside of North Carolina to attend some regional gift shows as well. Once again, the investment paid off and they had over $400,000 in sales that third year they were partnered with DSA.

They continued following this pattern of success that had allowed them to grow by over 500% in just a period of two years. Over the next few years sales continued growing and today they do roughly about $650,000 a year in sales.

In addition to the increased sales volume, they have also found that their merchandise has seasonal demands. Today they do nearly half of their volume in the fall in the period leading up to Christmas. Thanks to the cash flow provided by DSA Factors, they never have to worry about being able to keep up with the heavy seasonal demands that they experience each year.

“Working with DSA gives a small company like mine real financial momentum. Now I can focus on the bigger picture of growing my business instead of chasing accounts that are past due.”

Factoring for the Food Industry

An Outdoor Rug Manufacturer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Almost 15 years ago an outdoor rug manufacturer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania came to DSA Factors to factor their accounts receivable. They were working with another larger factoring company at the time, but were unhappy with the service they were receiving, as well as the fact that they were being charged for not meeting minimum volume requirements. Since DSA Factors has never had any minimum volume requirements they knew that they would not have to pay for service that they don't receive, and because DSA is family owned and operated, they knew they would get excellent personalized service. In fact, since DSA Factors offers a flat rate factoring program, they wound up saving even more money as they no longer had to pay the interest they were being charged from their previous factoring company.

With DSA Factors they found a partner that they could trust, and who provided them not only with the cash flow they needed, but also with exceptional service. At the start of our relationship together, they were doing a little more than $750,000 per year in sales. Over the years sales have gradually risen to the point where they now have approximately $1,250,000 in sales each year.

Of course, things have changed greatly over the past 15 years. At the start of our relationship the majority of their customers were furniture stores and nurseries. Today, while they still continue to sell to furniture stores and nurseries, mom and pop gift shops as well as independantly owned Ace Hardware's, True Value's, and Do It Best's now account for a significant portion of their sales. Even more importantly, online retailers such as Amazon and Wayfair, as well as Urban Outfitters have become some of their largest accounts.

While they have been able to grow their business by factoring accounts receivable, from time to time they have received large orders that have required a bit more help than they get from factoring alone. In these situations, DSA has always been able to provide them with purchase order financing so that they've never had to say no to a big order or a large account.

Through accounts receivable factoring and purchase order financing, DSA Factors continues to help this Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based business grow, and we look forward to doing so for many years to come.

Factoring for the Giftware Industry

DSA's commitment to success is outstanding. Knowing that someone is managing your receivables on a daily basis in a professional and respectable manner, while most importantly keeping in contact with you is priceless.”

A Fragrance Manufacturer in Dallas, Texas

About a decade ago a young fragrance company based in Addison, Texas came to DSA Factors looking for help. They had been in business for several years, but business was starting to pick up and they not only needed some improved cash flow, but they needed someone who could manage their growing list of receivables.

Being in the fragrance industry, naturally most of their customers were small mom and pop gift shops, and their typical orders would only be a for a few hundred dollars. As a result they were having trouble finding someone willing to factor for them. That is when they met DSA Factors, at DSA Factors no account is too small and we don't have any minimum volume requirements, so we were more than happy to take them on as a new client.

With DSA Factors managing their receivables and providing them with some added cash flow, they managed to do over $200,000 in sales that first year they were partnered with DSA, which at the time was their best year yet. But they had no idea what the future had in store for them.

Over the next couple of years they experienced 25-50% growth each year, and within five years had sales of nearly $1,000,000. But it didn't end there, they kept on growing and they established a recognizable brand name for themselves.

Although their stronghold was still selling to the little mom and pop stores, at this time they also started getting some orders from big box stores such as Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and with DSA's help had no problem taking on these larger orders.

Over the next few years sales volumes continued climbing. Eventually they reached $3,000,000 in sales for the year. At this point this once small company was now a large, and very profitable corporation. Having sufficient resources to operate their business, and an in house accounting department, they no longer needed the help that accounts receivable factoring had provided for them. While we at DSA Factors were sad to see them go, we were very proud that we helped grow their business and got them to a point of financial independence.

“For 9 years DSA has helped us grow our company. We were overloaded with accounts receivables that made it difficult to maintain constant cash flow. That changed when DSA came aboard and reduced 30-, 45-, and 60-day invoices into hard cash in days.”

Factoring for the Furniture Industry - Upholstery

A Trucking Company in Kansas City, Missouri

About 10 years ago a trucking company based out of Kansas City, Missouri came to us looking for help. They had been in business for a while but were looking to expand their business. Their plan was to buy one or two new trucks in each of the next five years as demand for their services seemed to be increasing at a pretty steady pace. While they were a successful trucking company, the only way that they would be able to achieve this sort of expansion was with some improved cash flow.

Of course this was a case where DSA Factors was able to help out. At the time they were doing $3,000,000 annually, and by speeding up their cash flow they were able to purchase their first new truck after only one month of factoring with DSA.

The initial success they experienced through factoring was no fluke, over the next five years they were able to purchase seven additional trucks. During this time they watched their volume grow from $3,000,000 annually to $5,000,000 annually.

Such success isn't always this easy, but through hard work and with the help of DSA Factors, this trucking company was able to achieve all their goals they had set out to accomplish when they first started factoring with DSA Factors. We are proud that we were able to help them grow their business and hope that they can be just as successful for many years to come.

Factoring for the Trucking Industry

“DSA turns accounts receivables into instant cash flow. They have proven to be a trustworthy, reliable partner that can be depended upon for prompt, efficient, and courteous service. DSA handles all the collection of our invoices in a very professional and efficient manner. Their fixed rate fee eliminates typical hidden costs and additional interest items other factoring companies charge.”

A Case Goods Manufacturer in Mississippi

Over twenty years ago a new case goods manufacturer based out of Pontotoc, Mississippi came to DSA looking for help. They had just received their first few orders and couldn't afford to have to wait 30 days in order to get paid. Another manufacturer in Mississippi recommended DSA, they knew that DSA would be able to provide them with the cash flow they needed to get their business up and running.

Things started out slowly, at first orders would come in for only a few hundred dollars, but as time went by they started to get larger orders, and by the end of the first year their average order size had reached $1000 and they had about $60,000 in sales.

Over the years things continued to improve, and slowly but surely they grew. The next year they had over $100,000 in sales, the year after that they reached $150,000, and sales volumes kept going up. After about ten years in business they were doing about $500,000 in sales annually.

But then is when things really started to improve. They started picking up larger accounts and within a one year period sales exploded from a little more than $600,000 to $1,300,000. The following year they had sales of $2,800,000, and things were still getting better.

Sales were no longer doubling year to year, but they were still growing at a very good rate. The following year saw $3,400,000 in sales. After that came $3,700,000 in sales. Then the next year they hit the $4,000,000 mark, a tremendous accomplishment for a company that only had $60,000 in sales their first year.

At this point in time they had become a very profitable company, with a growing number of employees. They no longer required the improved cash flow that DSA Factors had been providing them with, and they had an in house accounting department that was able to handle their accounts receivable. While here at DSA we were sad to see them go, we were very proud that we had helped them grow into a large company and allowed them to achieve financial independence.

“It is very difficult to wear "all the hats" in your company. From selling to receivables to payables...etc there is no worse feeling than a lengthy receivables list and a growing payables list. DSA Factors has eliminated this barrier.”

Factoring for the Bedding Industry - Mattresses

A Wall Art Importer in New Jersey

A little over two years we were approached by a young entrepreneur in New Jersey who was importing wall art from Africa. His business was brand new but had already gotten orders from Homegoods as well as a few other major retailers.

He had one problem however, in order to obtain his merchandise from his African suppliers, he needed to pay for the entire container before it would be released. At that point it would take a month for it to cross the Atlantic, and another month before he would get paid by his customers.

He decided to give DSA Factors a call, and we immediately were able to help him out with purchase order financing. He had the money that he needed to release the container. Then once the container arrived in the US, he would ship to his customers, factor the invoice with DSA, and immediately get funded for his receivables.

Now his business was in good hands and he always had the cash flow he needed to fulfill his next order. He is doing over $300,000 in sales each year thanks to the purchase order financing and accounts receivable factoring provided by DSA Factors.

Factoring for Textiles Industry - Fabrics

“I used to spend the majority of my time on office work. Now with DSA handling office administration, I can focus more on sales and growth.”

A Furniture Company in Miami, Florida

15 years ago a new furniture company based in Davie, Florida came to us. As a new start up cash flow was a major concern for them and it was important that they could partner with a factoring company who not only could provide them with the cash flow they needed, but also understood both the Florida market and the furniture industry.

Sales started out slowly at around $100,000 that first year, but gradually grew to about $300,000 over the next five years. However, then business really started picking up. The following year saw over $750,000 in sales and the year after that they reached $1,250,000.

These high sales volumes continued to increase over the next few years, until they had reached a point about 5 years ago where cash flow was no longer a major concern for them. However, while they no longer needed the improved cash flow, they still appreciated the other benefits of factoring, the credit checking, collection work, and insurance on their receivables.

While this might be a problem with some factoring companies, with DSA Factors it was not an issue. DSA Factors was able to offer them a lower rate and to this day still does all the credit checking, collection work, and insures their receivables. The only thing that we no longer supply them with is a cash advance.

“For years as I struggled to pay my suppliers each winter as I started producing merchandise for our busy spring and summer season. Then I was introduced to DSA Factors and ever since I've been able to pay my suppliers faster and watch my sales volume increase. Thank you DSA!”

Factoring for Clothing Industry - Swimwear

An Upholstery Company in Alabama

About a dozen years ago an upholstery company in Haleyville, Alabama came to DSA Factors looking for help. They had been in business for several years, but had been struggling with cash flow problems the entire time. Now they were starting to see increased sales volume, and there was no way that they would be able to grow without a boost to their cash flow.

Their first year with DSA Factors they grew their overall volume to $300,000, a $100,000 improvement over the previous year. However, sales continued to rise steadily, and while the improved cash flow allowed them to take on new employees, they still had trouble paying their suppliers. DSA Factors suggested that they could also benefit from purchase order financing.

Over the next few years, using purchase order financing and accounts receivable factoring, they managed to grow their sales volume to $500,000. For the very first time, they no longer had to worry about making payroll or paying off their suppliers. They were able to produce furniture faster and started fulfilling custom orders in 4 weeks when in the past it would take them 8 weeks.

Today sales volumes continue to grow, they now do over $750,000 in sales each year. While they still require purchase order financing from time to time, in the last few years they have only asked for $30,000 a year in purchase order financing, as compared to the $85,000 a year they had required when they first started growing their business.

Factoring for the Service Industry - Marketing

“The hardest part of marketing is when you spend a month on a project and then have to wait another month until your client pays you. With DSA we get paid as soon as we bill our clients, and we no longer need to worry about making payroll. Being partnered with DSA for the last 12 years has been a lifesaver.”

A Furniture Importer in Los Angeles, California

About 10 years ago a fairly new furniture company in Los Angeles, California came to us. They were importing furniture from Asia and selling primarily to the West Coast. They needed some cash flow as they were starting to expand their business.

That first year they did just a little over $400,000 worth of business, and in their second year things pretty much stayed the same. But in their third year factoring with DSA things really started to happen, that year they had nearly $1,000,000 in sales.

With this success they started expanding and opened warehouses on the East Coast and in the South, doing more and more business each year. They also started selling merchandise to online retailers such as Wayfair and Amazon.

Now, nearly ten years later, they do about $4,000,000 each year. In addition to this increased sales volume, they also have some of the largest showrooms in both High Point and Las Vegas and have established a recognizable brand name for themselves.

In a matter of months the relationship developed with your team has rendered me the confidence to pursue and accept assignments that would have been challenging due to funding capabilities. Your organization has demonstrated the kind of support that can take an average business to new heights. We are doing GREAT since you came alongside us, I cannot thank you and your team enough. Truly grateful.”

Factoring for the Construction Industry

A Wall Decor Company in Orlando, Florida

A little more than 5 years ago a young company in the Orlando, Florida came to DSA Factors looking for someone to factor their invoices. They sold wall decor and had heard about DSA Factors reputation as a factor for the accessory industry at several trade shows they had attended. As a result they decided to give DSA Factors a call.

Being a fairly young business sales volume was pretty slow at the start, invoices came in sporadically, sometimes two months would pass without any business, but then they would get several orders all at once. That first year they had only a little more than $150,000 in sales, but with DSA Factors no account is too large or too small so we were happy to help them out. Then their second year with us saw some major growth, they were not only getting reorders throughout the year, but were also picking up new accounts as they attended more trade shows. They had over $300,000 in sales that year.

As they were now starting to pick up steam they were also starting to get some fairly large orders, and while the accounts receivable factoring helped them to fulfill all their smaller orders, they had trouble fulfilling some of the larger orders that they were now getting. As a result DSA Factors offered to help them with purchase order financing.

With accounts receivable factoring and purchase order financing in place, they managed to do $350,000 in sales their third year with DSA Factors. In their fourth year sales rose once again to $500,000. Their fifth year saw another $500,000 in sales, but this year they are on pace to reach $600,000 in sales. DSA Factors is proud that we have been able to help this Orlando based business increase their sales nearly four times in a period of just five short years.

Factoring for the Rug Industry

“With DSA's support over the last 5 years we have gone from selling to regional stores to selling nationwide. Thanks to DSA Factors we are now able to sell to major furniture chains as well as online retailers. Without the cash flow provided by DSA Factors we would never have been able to expand as quickly as we did. Thank you DSA Factors!”

A Furnitrue Manufacturer in Canada

About six years ago a Canadian furniture manufacturer based out of Toronto, Ontario came to us looking for help. While she had been in business for over two decades, she had never sold her merchandise to any stores outside of Canada. She had developed a great reputation in the Canadian marketplace, but wanted to grow her business and the best way to do it was to expand into the American market.

Of course, when you aren't familiar with the American furniture market, it can be very difficult to enter it. For one, while she knew all of her Canadian customers very well having developed relationships with them over the past 20 years, in America she didn't have any relationships and didn't know who she could trust. That is where DSA Factors came in, with over 30 years factoring for the furniture industry, DSA Factors is very familiar with the American marketplace.

Of course expansion was not easy, those first few years as she was breaking into the American market she had very few sales. Her first year only brought in $60,000 in sales. Then the next two years only brought in a combined $25,000. While many people may give up at this point, she didn't, instead she started working even harder.

That hard work paid off, the following year she had over $300,000 in sales in the US. And each year after that sales continued to grow. This year she is on pace to have well over $500,000 in sales in the US. Things are looking up for her, and thanks to DSA Factors she no longer needs to worry about taking on new American accounts, she has a partner with over 30 years of experience in the market, and the cash flow that she needs to grow her business.

“We started with an idea and licenses for the NFL and MLB, then we partnered with DSA Factors and our business really started growing. With improved cash flow we had more working capital to take on large orders, and started to sell our licensed merchandise directly to the individual teams to sell at their stadium and online stores. Today, with the help of DSA Factors, we have been able to expand our product line to include NBA, NHL, and NCAA as well.”

Factoring for the Licensed Merchandise Industry

A Furniture Manufacturer in Mexico

A little over ten years ago a Mexican furniture manufacturer came to DSA seeking help. At the time they had never sold to anyone outside of Mexico, but they had just received a large purchase order from Costco and didn't want to pass it up. They knew that they would need a partner in the US, and having been recommended DSA Factors by a neighbor at a trade show, they knew that we would be able to help them out.

DSA Factors was of course able to help, not just with Costco, but with all of their American and Canadian customers. With DSA Factors as their partner in America, they were able to start growing their business throughout all of North America.

While Costco allowed for them to enter the US market with a big splash, they slowly but surely started picking up new accounts all around the US. Over the next few years their annual volume in the US climbed to $500,000.

However, then something bad happened, Costco decided they were no longer going to carry to their line of furniture. Luckily, they had been building up a reputation in the US, and with the help of DSA were able to get their furniture into a wide range of stores throughout the country. While their volume for that year slipped, they still managed to have sales of nearly $400,000.

From there things only got better. They continued picking up more and more accounts in the US, and their existing accounts started placing larger orders as well. Today they do a little more than $650,000 in sales throughout the US each year.

As they continue to expand and grow throughout the US, DSA Factors is proud to be a part of their success. We understand the difficulties that companies in Mexico face when dealing with businesses in the US, and we are glad to help in any way that we can.

DSA Factors

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You still need to work hard if you want to grow your business, but by working with DSA Factors you can rest assured that your hard work will pay off as you will always have access to working capital. Growing your business has as much to do with the effort you put into it as it does with the financing you have behind it.

With DSA Factors you get improved cash flow without taking on any new debt. You no longer need to worry about credit checking or collection work. Plus, with non-recourse factoring, you can sleep easy knowing your receivables are insured.

By working with DSA Factors you have nothing to lose. There is no long term commitment and since we are purchasing your receivables from you, you aren't taking on any new debt. Call us today at 773-248-9000 and learn just how easy it is to get the financing you need in order to grow your business. With a bit of effort you might see your company's story on this page soon!

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