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From Philadelphia in the East to Pittsburgh in the West and everything else in between, Pennsylvania is home to a large number of businesses. DSA Factors is proud that we have been factoring for Pennsylvania based companies for over 30 years.

Whether you are a manufacturer based in Pennsylvania, importing merchandise from overseas, or providing a service to businesses in Pennsylvania or nationwide, DSA Factors has the experience and knowledge you need to help you grow your business.

We have clients located throughout all of Pennsylvania, while most are based out of Philadelphia, we also have clients in Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Erie, Allentown, and numerous small towns spread out throughout the state.

By factoring your accounts receivable with DSA Factors, you can feel confident that you will be funded for your receivables within 24 hours, and will be able to stay on top in the very competitive Pennsylvania market.

A Pennsylvania Success Story

Almost 15 years ago an outdoor rug manufacturer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania came to DSA Factors to factor their accounts receivable. They were working with another larger factoring company at the time, but were unhappy with the service they were receiving, as well as the fact that they were being charged for not meeting minimum volume requirements. Since DSA Factors has never had any minimum volume requirements they knew that they would not have to pay for service that they don't receive, and because DSA is family owned and operated, they knew they would get excellent personalized service. In fact, since DSA Factors offers a flat rate factoring program, they wound up saving even more money as they no longer had to pay the interest they were being charged from their previous factoring company.

With DSA Factors they found a partner that they could trust, and who provided them not only with the cash flow they needed, but also with exceptional service. At the start of our relationship together, they were doing a little more than $750,000 per year in sales. Over the years sales have gradually risen to the point where they now have approximately $1,250,000 in sales each year.

Of course, things have changed greatly over the past 15 years. At the start of our relationship the majority of their customers were furniture stores and nurseries. Today, while they still continue to sell to furniture stores and nurseries, mom and pop gift shops as well as independently owned Ace Hardware's, True Value's, and Do It Best's now account for a significant portion of their sales. Even more importantly, online retailers such as Amazon and Wayfair, as well as Urban Outfitters have become some of their largest accounts.

While they have been able to grow their business by factoring accounts receivable, from time to time they have received large orders that have required a bit more help than they get from factoring alone. In these situations, DSA has always been able to provide them with purchase order financing so that they've never had to say no to a big order or a large account.

Through accounts receivable factoring and purchase order financing, DSA Factors continues to help this Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based business grow, and we look forward to doing so for many years to come.

What Pennsylvanians Are Saying About Us

Factoring for the Licensed Merchandise Industry

“We started with an idea and licenses for the NFL and MLB, then we partnered with DSA Factors and our business really started growing. With improved cash flow we had more working capital to take on large orders, and started to sell our licensed merchandise directly to the individual teams to sell at their stadium and online stores. Today, with the help of DSA Factors, we have been able to expand our product line to include NBA, NHL, and NCAA as well.”

Stephen F., Pennsylvania, Licensed Merchandise Industry

Become our next Pennsylvania success story!

While the above story is about a well established Pennsylvania business, DSA Factors can also help you out if you are just starting out or if you are starting to expand quickly.

For over 30 years we have been providing our factoring services to companies big and small, old or new. We cover a wide a range of industries including furniture, bedding, giftware, housewares, textiles, clothing, food, freight, trucking, marketing, staffing, and many more.

If you are located in Pennsylvania, factor with the company that Pennsylvania based businesses have trusted for years, DSA Factors. We our proud to have helped out a large number of Pennsylvania based businesses over the years, and would love to help you grow your business as well.

Whatever your needs may be, if you have receivables, DSA Factors has the money you need to grow your business. Give us a call today and we can be funding you tomorrow.

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