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What is Spot Factoring?

Unlike most accounts receivable factoring companies who require you to factor all of your invoices, at DSA Factors you can choose which accounts you wish to factor.

Often times you may not want to factor all of your invoices. Many companies have no problem handling their smaller accounts in house, waiting thirty days for a few hundred dollars might not be an issue. However, if you have larger accounts that may place a $100,000 order several times a year, it may not be possible to wait around for 30 or more days to get paid.

Another scenario could be that cash flow isn't a huge problem so you don't mind keeping larger accounts in house. However, you may have hundreds or thousands of smaller accounts and don't want to have spend all of your time doing credit checks and making collection calls.

Whatever the case might be, if you aren't looking to factor all of your invoices, spot factoring might be the solution you are looking for. With spot factoring you can choose which accounts you use factoring with, while keeping other accounts in house.

At DSA Factors we are happy to help you with whatever your needs may be. We have no minimum volume requirements, and do not require you to factor all of your invoices. We also understand that you may not always have invoices to factor, so if you don't factor any invoices for a month or two it is not a problem, we have no monthly or annual service fees.

Whatever your needs may be, DSA Factors is here to help. Give us a call today and learn just how flexible accounts receivable financing can be with spot factoring from DSA.

How Spot Factoring Works

Spot factoring works just like regular invoice factoring

3 Simple and Easy Steps

Step 1

Approval Request

Request credit approvals online

Submit your orders for approval here on our web site. Most orders are approved instantly online, but for those that aren't we will try to get back to you within 30 minutes. We never look for a reason to turn down your accounts, instead we look for reasons to approve them. We are very proud that our approval rate is over 95%.

Step 2

Ship & Invoice

Ship and invoice your customer

Once you have an approval number you can go ahead and ship out the merchandise or perform the service. At the same time you should send us a copy of the invoice and backup documents. You will also need to send an invoice to your customer with our assignment stamp on it.

Step 3


Get funded by DSA Factors

As soon as DSA receives the invoices we will process them and send you the funds within 24 hours. DSA fully manages the receivables including making the collection calls and supplying you with weekly aging statements of your accounts. Our non-recourse factoring means that you are not responsible if a customer can't pay for financial reasons.

Key Benefits of Spot Factoring

Invoice Factoring offers the following benefits:

  • Improve cash flow
  • Unlimited capital
  • Eliminate bad debts
  • Reduce operating expenses
  • Expand working capital financing
  • Improve management information
  • Factoring is fast and easy
  • Eliminate the need for bank loans or SBA loans
  • Alleviate time consuming activities such as credit checking, bookkeeping, and collections

Spot Factoring includes all of the benefits of regular invoice factoring as well as:

  • Choose which accounts you would like to factor
  • Great for very large orders that you only get once or twice a year
  • Help meet seasonal demands with improved cash flow when you need it most
  • Keep your long term customers who you know very well in house and factor new customers who you are unfamiliar with

Let us answer your questions regarding the essential benefits of spot factoring, including all costs and ease of start-up. At DSA you can always speak with a principal, we will never hand you over to an account manager. You can try us out with no long term obligations, so call today.

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