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Outdoor Rugs - The Newest Trend in the Furniture and Accessories Industry

One of the biggest trends in the last few years has been creating outdoor rooms. While this has been great for the outdoor furniture industry, it has also been great for the outdoor rug industry. And while the furniture companies are playing it safe with neutral colors, the rug companies are offering colors that hadn't been available in outdoor spaces in the past.

While people do like to have color in the outdoor rooms, its a lot safer to use a neutral colors for the expensive furniture rather than invest all of your money in a bright red couch. As a result the furniture manufacturers have been sticking to the browns and beiges that they know work. However, with rugs being much more affordable, only taking up about 10-15% of the price that consumers will pay for an outdoor space, consumers are willing to take more of a chance on introducing color to the space with a bright red rug.

Rug manufacturers have taken notice of this and as durable technologies are improving, they are offering more and more colorful designs in materials durable enough to stand up to the outdoors. In fact technology has improved so much in recent years that an outdoor rug can look just as nice as an indoor rug. And since outdoor rugs tend to be much cheaper than indoor rugs, some people are even purchasing outdoor rugs for inside their house.

Of course it isn't just consumers and manufacturers that are excited about outdoor rugs these days, but also outdoor furniture retailers. These outdoor furniture stores are starting to realize something that their traditional indoor counterparts have known for years. One of the best ways to increase sales figures by 15% is to sell accessories. It doesn't require attracting more customers to your store, all you have to do is sell more items to the customers who are already buying.

But just like in a traditional furniture store, outdoor furniture stores need to stage these rugs correctly. It is important to pair appropriate rugs with outdoor furniture sets so that the customer can get a feel for how their outdoor space will look. Simply throwing all the rugs into a corner of your store, or pairing a traditional rug with a modern furniture set is not going to help sell rugs to your customers. However, even if staged properly it might not be the style that your customer is looking for. It is important that in the same way you would display fabric samples for upholstered furniture, you also need to display different styles and textures for outdoor rugs.

If you are a rug manufacturer, now would be a great time to get into the outdoor rug market. Or if you already make outdoor rugs, this would be a great time to expand your product line. This is a fast growing sector of the rug industry, and it hasn't been over-saturated with competition yet. If you need money to expand your product line, or you can't handle the demand you are experiencing for your current product line, give DSA Factors a call today at 773-248-9000. We have been specializing in the furniture and accessories industry since 1987. With our accounts receivable factoring services you can speed up your cash flow and save you time on credit checks and collections so that you can focus on what really matters.

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