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Barbeque Season

The weather is starting to warm up, and with that more and more people are firing up their grills. The only question is which grill will people be using. Although two thirds of all grills are less than five years old, nearly half of all grillers, 45%, are planning on buying a new grill or smoker this year. The most important factors consumers look at when buying a new grill are taste, quality, safety, and price. And it isn't just grills that people are looking to buy, grilling accessories are also on many consumers' shopping list.

When it comes to type of grill owned, grills that run on a propane tank are by far the most popular with nearly two thirds of grillers owning one. After propane comes charcoal, with half of all grillers owning a charcoal grill. Electric grills, such as a George Forman Grill, are owned by 12% of grillers, while natural gas grills are owned by 11% of grillers. Less popular are pizza ovens, fire pits with cooking grates, and smokers. Approximately one in ten grillers own an entire outdoor kitchen, and a third of them are most likely going to update their outdoor kitchen within the next three years.

84% of all grillers say that they are satisfied with their grill. Owners of electric grills are most satisfied with their grill, with nine out of ten grillers saying that they are satisfied. Areas that they would look to see improvement in however are lighting, removable heating elements, and cooking ability. More than eight in ten grill owners are satisfied with their propane grills and charcoal grills, while just less than eight in ten are satisfied with their natural gas grills. With gas grills the most wanted improvement is with grease evacuation, while charcoal grill owners would like to have the ability to control the temperature. While overall grillers are very satisfied with their grills, only about one third are satisfied with their grilling accessories. The most commonly owned accessories are cleaning brushes, long-handled utensils, gloves, and cutting boards.

Of course summer is the most popular time for grilling with more than one in five grillers saying they grill almost every day and three quarters saying they grill every week. Spring and Fall sees a little drop off in grilling with not quite half of all grill owners using their grills each week. But winter doesn't necessarily mean its the end of the grilling season, over a three quarters of all grillers say they still grill a little over the winter, with almost half grilling several times each month. Of course, holidays are the most popular times for grilling. You will find three quarters of all grillers busy in their backyards over the Fourth of July. Nearly two thirds will be busy for both Memorial Day and Labor Day. Half of them will be grilling on Father's Day and a third on Mother's Day. The next busiest day comes in the middle of winter as a quarter of all grillers will brave the cold on Super Bowl Sunday. Less popular holidays are Easter, Thanksgiving, Cinco de Mayo, New Year's, Christmas or Chanukah, Columbus Day, and St. Patrick's Day. The least popular holiday is Valentine's Day where only one in twenty grillers will be cooking for their loved one.

The most popular reason for grilling is improved flavor, over seven in ten grillers state this as a reason for why they grill. A little over half of grillers say they do it for enjoyment. Four in ten grill when they entertain others. A third say that they grill out of convenience. Nearly six in ten gas grillers own a grill with a side burner, although most say that they never use it. Just over half of grillers who own a propane gas grill only own a single propane tank. And just over half of grillers with a charcoal grill will use standard charcoal briquettes which they light with lighter fluid.

As the weather and grill sales start heating up, its important if you are sell grills, grilling accessories, or casual furniture that you have the cash flow to keep up with demand. The fastest and easiest way to speed up your cash flow is with accounts receivable factoring. Call DSA Factors today at 773-248-9000 and let us use our 30 years of experience to help you meet your seasonal demands.

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