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Are you an ideal Candidate for Factoring?

Any business that provides a product or service to other creditworthy businesses and is constrained by their day-to-day cash flow situation is an ideal candidate.

Your business can benefit by using DSA Factors if you have any of the following needs:

  1. Cash to cover your payroll?
  2. Working capital to stimulate growth?
  3. Help with the ability to pay "your" bills timely?
  4. Help because your bank is not providing the funding you need to grow your business?
  5. New Equipment to Grow?

What is factoring all about?

A factoring arrangement is when a company sells its receivables to a factoring company, such as DSA Factors at a discount. After the sale, the receivables balances are owned by the factoring company. Because the factor owns the receivables, it generally provides all the required credit, collection and accounting services necessary to collect the receivables, including assumption of the ultimate loss exposure from the client debtor if the account does not pay due to the financial inability to pay. It is true that a business person can attempt to retain a loan from their bank, but even if they can get a loan, the bank does not do the various functions that a factoring company does. A bank doesn't check the credit worthiness of your customer. A bank does not actually collect the accounts receivable. DSA Factors does all these things. The bank does not assume responsibility of invoices if the company doesn't pay due to financial inability to pay. Let DSA Factors help you acquire the capital that can grow your business.

Whether you are a start-up company or are having growing spurts, DSA Factors can help your company. We have the funding sources with virtually no limitations and understand your business cash flow needs. We are the lenders who understand your industry and want to help your business.

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