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Factoring is easy as 1 - 2 - 3

How to factor your accounts receivable

Step 1 - Get the approval from DSA

Your company can call, fax, email, or use our interactive easy to use website to submit accounts to DSA that you have an order from for credit approval. Our simple and straight forward decision making guidelines allow the vast majority of your approval requests to receive and answer within 30 minutes.

Step 2 - Submit Invoices and Related Documents to DSA

Once your customer is approved by DSA Factors, you simply send DSA your invoices and shipping documents that correspond to the shipped merchandise on the invoice(s). DSA will supply you with an assignment stamp that you will place on the invoices instructing the customers to send their payments to DSA's P.O. Box address. (You also will still send the invoices to your customers with the assignment stamp on them.)

Step 3 - Get Paid for your invoices

That's it! Now that you are set up, DSA Factors will either mail, Wire or ACH the money directly into your account. We always pay you the same day we receive your invoices.

What your company can accomplish by using the services of DSA Factors

DSA Factors will provide to you access to see your customers accounts receivable status at any time on our interactive website 24 hours a day. DSA does all the collection work and processes the payments from your customers. You no longer need to make collection calls.

Over the years DSA Factors has built relationships with over 60,000 companies nationwide. This is why we likely have a large percentage of your customers in our data base and we have built relationships with them so that we can allow these companies a generous credit line.

So how do our collectors help you? Rest assured it's not by yelling at your customers. It's actually the exact opposite. Simply put, at DSA Factors we treat your customers with respect just as you would treat them if you were calling them. Most customers will pay their bills without too many phone calls and letters. There will always be some difficult collections and of course we need to put more pressure on them to pay their bills. We consider collections as a sales tool. The quicker we get your customers to pay us in the allotted terms, the better chance we will have the ability to approve them for a new order.

By using the services at DSA Factors, it gives your company the chance to expand your business at any pace you want, since DSA can allow you to have the cash flow that you will need to grow. You have no worries about whether a customer pays theirs bills and you will always know that your cash flow will be adequate to cover your expenses.

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