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DSA in Furniture Today

It's official, we're famous! Howard Tolsky, president of DSA Factors was interviewed for an article that appeared in the June 15, 2015 issue of Furniture Today. You can read the article online at: Furniture factoring companies having 'very strong year'.

The article is based on interviews with four different factoring companies and discusses how factoring for the furniture industry has been doing so far this year. Overall 2015 is shaping up to be a good year for DSA Factors and other factoring companies. While DSA Factors has picked up several new clients which is helping with business, more importantly is that our clients are doing better as well and it is their growth that is driving our growth.

As Howard said in the article, "We do the collection work, we make the calls and collect the bills. We also guarantee the receivables. If we approve a company and they run into problems, it remains our responsibility to collect the receivables. We have clients who might not need a factor, but they like the fact we perform all those services and provide some security."

If your company doesn't currently have a factor, it would be a good idea to consider DSA Factors. Even if you don't need the improved cash flow, or the insurance DSA offers, there are so many other services that DSA can provide for you, such as credit checking and collections. Give us a call today at 773-248-9000 and see how we can help your business grow.

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