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DSA Factors Named Best Micro Factoring Company for 2016

Recently DSA Factors has been named the Best Micro Factoring Company by Factoring Club for 2016. While this comes as no surprise to us that we would receive such an honor, its always nice to get the recognition that we deserve. Thank you Factoring Club.

According to Factoring Club, DSA Factors is the best factoring company to use if you have annual sales of $200,000 or less. It is true, at DSA Factors we have no minimum volume requirements. Most factoring companies require you to factor $500,000 or $1,000,000 every year, and even if you don't reach these volumes will still charge you fees based on these volumes. DSA Factors understands that not everyone is huge, and we would never charge you fees for invoices that you don't have.

At the same time, DSA Factors also handles larger volumes as well. If you do several million dollars a year in sales, DSA is still here to help you out. No matter what your volume is, when you factor with DSA you will always get a low flat rate fee for all of your receivables, outstanding service, and same day funding. So if you are in need of some improved cash flow, give DSA Factors a call today and we can be funding you tomorrow!

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