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Factoring for the Furniture Industry with a Personal Touch

Over the years, many of the smaller factoring companies have gotten gobbled up by larger the firms, this is especially true in the furniture industry. This morning it was announced that another major player in the furniture industry was bought out by one of the large New York-based factoring firms. However, here at DSA Factors we are still independent and plan to stay that way. We pride ourselves on the personal service that we are able to offer to our clients who we know on a first name basis, something that you can’t expect to get from the big guys in New York.

That’s not to say that DSA Factors hasn’t changed over the years. We started off strictly factoring for the furniture industry, and now we factor for pretty much any industry whether it be food, giftware, housewares, clothing, or whatever else you can think of. Our clients used to have to overnight invoices to us, today everything can be sent via email or done via our online portal. We also used to keep track of who owed us money by printing it onto physical cards, today we have a database to store all of our data. At DSA, we are not opposed to change, in fact we are always trying to improve and offer our clients better service. The only thing that we are stubborn about is keeping DSA Factors a family owned and run business.

Our company was founded by Richard Peck in 1964 as the consumer financing arm for Richard’s Furniture, a furniture store that he opened back in 1955. Eventually his son-in-law Howard Tolsky joined the business, and together in 1986 they started factoring. In 1998 the difficult decision was made to close the furniture store so that we could focus strictly on the factoring business, and to this day we are still located in one of the original buildings that housed Richard’s Furniture. Sadly, Richard passed away in 2012, but today DSA Factors is still run by Howard, along with his two sons Ben and Max. While Ben and Max’s children are still in school, we fully intend to keep DSA Factors in the family so that the 4th generation will be able to take over and help run the family business.

If you would like to work with a family owned business who will treat you like family, give DSA Factors a call today at 773-248-9000. You can ask to speak with either Howard, Ben, or Max, there is always a Tolsky in the house who is happy to help.

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